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My name is Sanette and I am the owner of Soul Response Hypnotherapy Limited.

Training under the amazing Marisa Peer, I qualified as an RTT Therapist and Hypnotherapist in June 2022. 

It took me many years to discover how valuable I really am, I discovered that I have a voice and that my voice has value. I used to take in everything people said to me, to please them and often I would change myself to make them happy.

I am a daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, partner, friend, dancer, financial systems manager, and much more.

I have always looked for ways to improve myself and tried to understand what I need “TO DO” to be better, what I need “TO DO” for people to like me.

When I discovered RTT I realised that I DO NOT NEED TO DO ANYTHING!

I only listen to my own voice because my voice is powerful and that makes me powerful. I am enough, I matter, and I am amazing just as I am. I changed my old self-beliefs, negative self-talk and I discovered a whole new me.

This change in me is the reason I decided that I want to help make a change in other people’s lives by becoming an RTT Therapist and Hypnotherapist.

Arrange a discovery call and let me help you.

If you feel:

  • Invisible
  • No one ever hears what you have to say
  • No one ever listens to you
  • Your voice doesn’t matter
  • Your opinion doesn’t matter
  • You can’t speak up for yourself
  • You fear what other people think of you
  • You fear public speaking
  • You fear changing your career
  • You fear going for that job interview
  • You fear writing exams
  • You question yourself all the time
  • You cannot make any decisions
  • You have a negative self-image
  • You don’t like to look at yourself in the mirror or on photos
  • You excel at work, but you always fear that someone will find out that you are not as good as they think you are (imposter syndrome)

Please contact me if any of this resonates with you.

I understand these feelings all too well.

The good news is YOU can change this negative self-talk and it doesn’t have to take you years to make the change.

I will help you discover and change the unhelpful self-beliefs that are holding you back.

Discover how amazing you really are!

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